Thursday, November 4, 2010

"matchbox songs & gypsy hymns"....piano key portraits last day

Several conversations this week about the piano key assemblages...the layering of surface and image somewhat excessive for some...too many surfaces...image and texture over worked for such a confined surface...someone else recognising only death...bleakness and melancholy...nostalgia for one...are the piano keys a metaphor?...someone liked them because they played the piano...another not recognising that the 'wooden sticks' were piano keys... do the numbers represent collecting and cataloguing?... repetitious...a single narrative it like a single note repeated? are the photographs of anonymous male figures a metaphor for identity or the transitory nature of things?..are they self-portraits?...are they meant to be held like an old fashioned slide-viewer?..are they meant to represent a collection of curious instruments?...was your father a butcher?...and to all of these I answered 'yes'...sp


  1. These really are wonderful and I wish I was looking at them on my table right now. There seems to be something mysterious in the layers that lead me in different ways next time I look. Whatever they might represent....they are gorgeous.

  2. I love your simple answer Glen. I love looking at and into these assemblages/collages and seeing my own meanings.