Saturday, November 27, 2010

"you can't look at your-self in the ocean" 1 & 2...

In keeping with my MVA research of relating phenomenology based concepts to the things I make I am beginning to think that text, in the form of simple descriptions of the individual objects that compose themselves within the final work, could be a significant element...given that phenomenology deals with description rather than explanation it seems obvious...but I think of these works as three and two dimensional descriptions...and that the viewer is the one who completes those descriptions...but it needs a particular kind of perception....the kind that you recognise within your own experience of things...of being told something that you only ever sensed but could never articulate... the difficulty is the use of text...does it remain independent component...or is it unified within the work...I find that I have difficulty reading lengthy text in a gallery...I'm just never that patient...perhaps I need to be making books...although i may explain these works as descriptions there is no doubting their sense of narrative...of story... generated by surface and materials...and the is the reflective nature of the very materials that provide the most subtle yet poignant sense of narrative...always detached because they remain de facto objects...I have no connection to these things apart from the need to make...but all creative expression is detachment...distant in order to connect...sp