Monday, December 6, 2010

Collecting/gathering interpretations...

I remember reading an interview with Tom Waits where he was asked about what happens in the recording studio...often the only structure exists in the written songs or poetry...musically how the two meet can be a matter of throwing everything at the wall and whatever sticks makes the final cut...the gleaning and gathering of objects can often provide a similar structure as song verse or poetry...these objects and surfaces offer a particular dialogue that I can throw at the studio walls...often containing sediments of the past...I think of them as 'everyday' things but I guess objects like old postcards,black and white photograph albums from the 1930's-40's ,hand-made dart sets,dis-assembled piano keys and childhood board games are not the kind of things that are ready-at-hand...they are sourced from second-hand and antique inevitably these works offer intimations of recovery..rediscovery... interpretation of the lingering...their self-concealment remains

 in place... descriptions,translations and questions.....all of it made in the wake of appropriation of experience...but experience that seems to continually return to the much of what is blanketed beneath the 'contemporary' is difficult to divide from a world of the consumer...the past is like finding something on the beach that you can poke a stick at...the present is too belongs to speaking or writing..the making offers a retreat from it all..the difficulty is keeping track of what remains real...of course it all remains real but very little of it has a pulse...sp

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