Wednesday, December 8, 2010

last view of 'your-self in the ocean'...

The last day of 'you can't look at your-self in the ocean'...of all of the works exhibited so far this may remain the least articulated...a continual dilemma for me...talking about what I make...even within the realms of post-graduate study I avoid it... on the few occasions where it has been unavoidable I survived with generalisations...bordering on would be misleading to suggest that I simply do not know what I am doing...I do but I also do not...what remains the most familiar and knowing is the desire, the need to simply create...for the past two years this has required the gathering of ephemera and together with collage and etching... fabricating, articulating, simply make...returning to the things themselves.. and although I have been finally seduced by the clarity that research provides I remain committed to the vagueness and to the not that very little is destroyed...sp

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  1. Some people need a worded "biography" from the artist to help them understand the artwork... it's just the way it is, I suppose.

    Thanks for showing this beautiful composition of your work Glen. I've loved every image and feel like you have bestowed a wonderful gift here. Jo