Saturday, December 11, 2010

'INTERMISSION"...detail of 'metaphor & text' in progress

Etching is never far from my mind...not that I have any profound thoughts on its process or its effects...though I do feel that it is a medium more so than any of the other printmaking mediums that have the capacity of choosing you rather than you choosing it...the etched line is capable of incision into the psyche... often printmaking is criticised for its detached immediacy... every visual arts medium retains certain degrees of a similar detachment...but I believe this is precisely why the process itself chooses a particular an etcher you know from the very beginning that you are embarking on an often lengthy journey...with a vague notion of where you'll end up...the alchemy exists within the relationship between metal, acid, paper, a game of rock, paper, scissors...the properties of one offering contradictions of another... subtleties that can so easily be passed over...etchers remain the poets of the visual arts...(to be continued)...sp

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