Monday, December 13, 2010

Intermission....'text & metaphor' plate in progress...

Etching continued...and so why should etchers be regarded as the poets?..well really I think of printmakers generally in that light...the rest seem to  be the novelists, the history writers,the biographers, the documentary makers...the translation from plate or stone to paper delivers sediments of intimacy with surface which are often so subtle they are almost lost.. becoming a trace...there is a sculptural sensibility to printmaking...the relief surface of a wood block, the intaglio surface of an etched plate or the block/object of a litho stone...the depth and width of certain litho stones seem to draw me in when I pass through the litho studio...even without a mark on them...occasionally I stand at the litho preparation room and simply look at the stones...I have only ever completed two lithograph editions... serigraph frames do not quite hold the same attention...what I am taken with mostly is the stain... the trace left on the silk once the mesh has been cleaned...and now with etching the plate itself is evoking new possibilities....sp 


  1. Your writing is beautiful, as well your work! My husband is a printmaker here in South Dakota, on the faculty at the university, and you both have the same feelings about printmaking. Wish you could much in common in your sentiments about the printmaker as poet!!! Best wishes!

  2. I waited with abated breathe for "etching continued"...just beautifully written, thank you Glen.