Thursday, December 16, 2010

"match-box songs & gypsy hymns"...'collectings 2'

'Collectings Two' was always my intention to finish with a second variation of 'collectings'...perhaps not so immediate...but I felt as though i wanted to evoke a more formal mind set to the things that are a hybrid of the act of collecting and the creation of  collections...there are opposites at play...the wall pieces compared to the decks of collected multiples that lay on the both cases the viewer has to be satisfied with the tactility of the eyes...but I am convinced that I prefer them as something hand-held...the touch, the sifting and the holding up to the light...just as contemplative as those pinned to the wall...sp


  1. ah que j'aimerais pouvoir tourner les pages de ces livres !! // ah I wish I could turn the pages of these books!

  2. i am thinking that this is coming together for me--