Friday, December 17, 2010

"match-box songs & gypsy hymns"...'collectings 2'

'collectings 2'...botanical card deck, title:"cartes de fin de nuit botanique""..etchings on hand made muslin envelopes, title:"the day we stopped writing"...drypoint etching, watercolour and type-writer text on hand made envelopes,title: "one hundred stories about the moon"...umbrella etching on reverse side of postcards, title:"biography" (detail)..tea drawings on magnani paper, title:"trace"..artist books:mono-type, tea stain, coral red litho ink,postage stamps and white-out, title:"small histories" vol.1-3...polaroid photographs of studio, title:"miscellaneous"..sunbird etchings on reverse side of postcard collection, title"the europeans..carte postale"..umbrella etching on white magnani, title:"existential umbrella". ..bound deck of magnani with cut-out figure, title:"anonymous" artists' books, open journal stitch binding,etching and litho coral red pages:titled "books with no author named"...postcard collection.."carte postale"...collection of cut and bound pages from "wuthering heights" untilted...polaroid photograph collection, title:"la chair"...botanical etchings printed on shipping tags and bound with red cotton thread, title"the europeans...collected history"...etchings of sun-birds printed on hand made brown paper envelopes, title:"the europeans...capricornia"...collection of botanical etchings...three artists' books open journal stitch binding, magnani paper,collage,title:"surveyor...vol:1-3"...transparent envelopes and collage, title:"anonymous letters"...etchings bound with black thread..untitled...sp


  1. so fine, in fact, i'm beginning to distill what i been seeing here all along.