Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"match-box songs & gypsy hymns" late night phenomenology...

                 "match-b0x songs and gypsy hymns"
                  c l o s e d...
                  the difficulty in knowing precisely
                  what it is you see
                  keeping faith
                  traversed by silence
                  and the absent
                  history's last known address
                                                                         the small universe of things
                          showing no allegiance to the moment
                                     the apprehension of objects
                                     dissolving the visible
                     recapturing the incompleteness
                                     and de facto truths
                                     the judgement of reflection
                                     changing appearances
                                     losing sight of its beginnings
                                     the careful observer
                                     restoring imagination
                                     the sediment of what is
                                                                                                           given spontaneous 
                  being what it could not see
                  history and forgetfullness cradles things
                  a bridge
                  the resentment of language
                  being what it could not see
                  other thing
                                                                         of the everyday
                                                                         perception hiding from itself
                                                                         appropriation of reflections gaze
                                                                         the lived through
                                                                         the horizon provides identity
                                                                          making no demands
                                                                          asking only for description
                                                                          returning to absence
   A brief message to say thank-you to all of those who have made such thoughtful and encouraging comments and for taking the time to read my musings and view the series of transitional shows..
  and also to those who stopped to viewed"match- songs and gypsy hymns" in person...
                 Kind regards, sp.

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  1. good bye to this adventure of work, this body of images, and greetings to the new. and where will you explore in 2011?