Friday, January 14, 2011

'miscellaneous'...knowledge machines

 I have hesitated before commencing to type within this narrow frame once again...the "matchbox songs and gypsy hymns" space now back to its original window view of the city...a view that has witnessed several days of extraordinary drama with the flooding of Brisbane city..for the past three days the usually placid Brisbane River has been transformed into a mud coloured mythical beast...i live within a hundred meters of the river but where the river scape becomes cliffs...since the dramatic events began to unfold at the beginning of the week I have made several daily visits to the cliff tops...amongst dozens of onlookers the atmosphere each time was of quiet contemplation and disbelief as a constant flow of boats, possessions and fragments of building structures floated past their very nature rivers embrace reflection but for at least the past three days this river has absorbed something between visits to the top of the cliffs I commenced these pen and ink drawings onto postcard portraits...they remain as works in progress...sp

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  1. Beautiful cards. Wow the flood footage I have seen on the news is horrific and facinating. Glad you and yours are all OK Best wishes for a successful happy and creative 2011