Thursday, March 17, 2011

'trace'...I've decided that calling this a catalogue is over-playing things somewhat...really it's a small booklet that will give people something to hold in their hands as they wonder through the gallery and pretend to read if they see someone they do not want to talk to...or something to squeeze tightly as that person does start a conversation...or for those who are there on their own who can pretend to be absorbed in every word as they think that all of these other people know so much more about art...which of course most of them do not...or for the bored spouse...reading it as slowly as possible to take his mind off missing friday night footy... mostly the writings are small reflections on collecting...relating to various series...a quote or two from Merleau-Ponty... who I may secretly wish to be in a second life..and of course the 'preface' to 'living with metaphor' seemed irreverently appropriate...I may try and think of other uses for my catalogue/booklet...sp

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