Thursday, March 17, 2011

'trace'...exhibition extracts

I have been thinking of  further alternate uses for catalogues at exhibition openings...apart from using it as a decoy in avoiding conversation it has the most obvious and practical use as a fan...especially if you have already had too many classes of red before the usually over long opening speeches begin...perhaps galleries should take a page out of the academy awards ceremony...a theme song could be chosen for each exhibition and once a guest speaker goes over the limit the theme song would ascend... I'm convinced that most artists shouldn't be permitted within 10 meters of a microphone...which is usually a safe thing because most artists loath openings...I loath my own openings about two days before the fact I usually have too much to drink on the night before the opening so by the time of the real opening I'm quite over it...I can promise those of you who are desperate or unfortunate enough not to have found something more exciting to do next Friday night than attending my opening that there will be no long fact no speeches at all..(unless there is someone drunk enough to say a few impromptu words)which is always fun...there will be plenty of good wine and cold beer...perhaps it is the 'north queenslander' in me but I much prefer a cold beer to wine at openings...and there will be booklets available to make use of in any way you wish...sp    


  1. Well, I can't be there, Glen, but have a cold beer for me!

  2. sorry I cant be there, shame as I would have liked to have had a catalogue and used it for a fan after drinking too much red. Have a succesful night. Penny

  3. smiling here Glen...and...oh yeah, make mine a double of what your having!