Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Case for Trace

With the slip case finished 'Trace' Vol.1 is completed...making books can be addictive and already I am planning the next volume...I'm not certain if it something that comes across in my documentation but there is a rawness to this book that I like...it is something that can never be deliberately fabricated... it is an element that comes from process...in keeping process, form and content as tightly connected as possible...but in an unconscious way...it is all to do with being prepared to be lost in something...I have said that the images that make up the pages of this book are somewhat curious to me but then I remembered the miscellaneous postcard series that came in between things...a trace in themselves...thank you to those comrades who have responded so thoughtfully to 'trace'...sp


  1. I am not sure what I am seeing? The slipcase is under your arm? How big is it? I am curious what materials you used for the slipcase? Did you paint it? I like what you said in this post about this process.

  2. nice case.... and by the looks of it - big book!..... and I agree - making booky things IS addictive