Sunday, May 1, 2011

'Trace' Vol.1

I'm not certain if these pages show anything different from what has already been viewed...but in them are the moments that make the the process of creating such a book so relationships are formed in the folding and binding of each page...unintentional elements come together or at least face one another on opposite sides of the binding...inescapably connected...although the traces and notations unfold over  two extended pages I find myself viewing it as if I were reading text...each page is read singularly...and as I do so often when reading...I re-read certain sentences...but really I have not really found that moment that one always needs to find when beginning a new book...nor the place...a chair, a couch, a this case it will be the studio...where I can read it from beginning to end...but really it belongs to that genre of books that can be opened at any page...perhaps like an atlas, a diary or a book of poems...I always feel somewhat conceited when taking time to look and explore what I have made...really it is like consciously looking at yourself in the mirror...but something that as makers we need to do...and we need to discover something there that we actually like...things we may not have noticed in the process of making...I remain curious as to how these pages arrived...even more curious about 'trace' vol.2.(perhaps)...sp 

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