Saturday, April 30, 2011

'Trace' bindings

I completed the binding today...this is in fact the largest book I've made...I have decided not to include a hard cover but rather a folded wrap around seems to allow it to breath a little...the book itself reminds me of those Readers Digest world atlas volumes that I think every home in the 60's and 70's must have owned...making books can be addictive...I want to make a complete series now...perhaps 7 volumes...each one exploring a variation of the notion of 'trace' I knew all along with the sequence of the pages remaining a random act of creating relationships with previous pages and the present at hand, some of the relationship will always be a little uneven... but I am happy with the overall feel of is a little more curious and surprising than I expected...if you haven't yet tired of it I will post images of the interior pages tomorrow...sp  


  1. it's crazy, i know, but seeing these collated, stacked, makes my heart soar. making books does that. a narrative on/of trace. magnificent.

  2. I really love these books! Great job!