Sunday, May 15, 2011

"trace' Vol.ii...more uncertain pages.

The process of putting these pages together remains constant but in explicit...nothing more than uncertain text taken from diary pages and images sourced from several scrap books I have kept for the past fifteen years...a cautious selection of text... preferring the suggestion of a narrative to anything specific..perhaps it is the idea that text is a trigger for the reflective and that to make it too explicit destroys the sense of what remains unsaid in any conversation...the presence of Sunday afternoons...sp 

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  1. Very well done, and right with your idea of trace. I agree about the text. I attended a lecture on books at the Getty Museum, years ago. I remember she was talking about the tension between text and image....she said with the illuminated manuscript, if it was sent to the calligrapher first, he would leave little room for the illustrator, and if it went to the illustrator first, he would leave little room for the calligrapher....I found that interesting...since you are thinking trace...perhaps it could be even more lost and found? Since my books that the form of project, I think I have only done project that the books are only images, but I would like to do more. Ideas come much more quickly than the actual doing....I think sometimes I get stuck in the tar baby and maybe forget some of the ideas I had in the beginning. I try to write them down, but sometimes.....