Friday, May 20, 2011

'Trace'Vol.ii...slowly unfolding

The pages to the second book that explores the notion of trace continues to progress...but much slower than the first...the last third of the book has been difficult...I have found myself continually arriving at moments of hesitation with every second page...those very moments that make one question the validity of it seems that even in negating things randomly there comes a time when the rational taps on the seems at this stage that I may have exhausted this approach...although this morning I had a conversation with my theory supervisor who is just as perceptive with reflections on my studio work and she reminded me of using the cut-out technique with selected images...something I have used in my collage works...but I may save that for vol.iii...what seems to be developing is a disparate relationship between the mostly silhouetted illustrated figures and the altered hand written text...the images are there to evoke or suggest a certain narrative..the text itself is never related to the image...if it appears that they are related then it is totally by chance...but i am telling you too much...we shall see what unfolds...sp   


  1. I stand in amazement! Process is an interesting thing hey? Love your work, Norma

  2. i think when stuck in this process for you it's indicative of a new move. i like where trace moves here.