Monday, June 13, 2011


I received a comment/question asking about my reasons for binding things...prints, found objects, is a question that i have never convincingly answered for myself... i am not being intentionally evasive but it is one of those things that if I ever rationally structured a definitive meaning for doing it then it would destroy the reason for doing it...but i am happy to reflect on its possible meaning...actually the initial reason was a very practical way of changing a flat 2D image into a 3D object...I had made a series of prints that I wanted to use text on the reverse side by making a bound paper object the work suddenly became suddenly gave me a new way of engaging with etching...the simple binding of both prints and found objects gave them a certain element of a way the binding presents these surfaces and objects as mysterious seems a very natural human response to want to untie these things and discover what is hidden in between the wads of paper...which is something that only I know :-) ...there is also the actual 'doing' of the binding...a process that within a series of works is very the point at times of not actually recalling having made certain things...that may sound strange to some ..but I also know there are those who know exactly what I mean...there is a deep sense that when I am binding objects, images or surfaces I am in some way binding them to a part of myself that can never be reached by any other method...perhaps only in pure meditation or for some in I bind myself to these things as a way of letting go of them...the choice of different coloured threads is 'something' but I don't want to let go of too many mysteries...sp'

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  1. Very interesting SP. Binding is very meditative while I find unbinding freeing.