Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trace...assembled pages

The sequence of these pages will most likely be altered several times over before it seems to fit together...apart from the image making it is one of the parts I enjoy most...suddenly the flux of text and image begin to suggest their own relationships...and the thing I like is that those relationships would be different for anyone else piecing these pages together...I am suddenly very self conscious of the fragmented diary page entries...perhaps it is a matter of being more selective...although it is nothing more than a soon as a certain narrative has the possibility of unfolding it is dissolved by another unrelated text or silhouetted form...the priority has always been retaining a sense of the notion of 'trace' and an implied narrative...something that not even I can put my finger on...that sense of the world that remains perpetually out of knowings reach...the realm of sense experience that is eternally elusive...making art in any form is as close as I think we can ever hope to get to that one step ahead moment of existence...i think that is part of the reason why i remain interested in the disparate relationships made possible by collage...which is essentially what both these books are  structured upon...not so much the cutting and pasting in a physical sense but the kind of collage that unfolds in thought and reflection...sp 

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  1. the words "topography of a typical bird" (and the rest of that image/words) totally captured my attention. is this peripheral to the trace concept? or not? are traces just found. or are they more intentional. has it much to do with the book, or it it a bare trace?