Wednesday, July 6, 2011

boxed fragment..

This is the boxed collage piece I played with yesterday...I remain indifferent to neither says more or less than as it was placed on the studio wall...although there is always the unexpected surprise in removing the lid and discovering what is inside...apart from the cutting and collage of combinations of medical illustrations and photographic fragments there is no drawing or personal mark making within this trace of the artist apart from the selection and juxtaposition of a sense an objective attempt to disregard the subjective mark in the hope of discovering a language that does posses that space of the absent presence...sp


  1. ahhhh the anonymous maker..... but look at how without any personal mark-making, the work still bears the unmistakable mark of the maker..... I think this mini series is still so distinctly and discernibly yours... even through the act of arranging.... the trace of the maker is still evident...

  2. well, your intention seems apparent, if i discern a looking for a universal mark making...somehow boxing it changes much, the language of containment places strictures maybe more universal? just grasping at straws...