Tuesday, July 5, 2011

fragments 6,7 & 8

The last of the trace fragments...the additional object pieces may or may not belong...I am a little more familiar with these collage fragments now and I think they fit into the frame of reference I have set myself, 'somewhere'...perhaps the traces exist in the spaces between figure, photographic fragment and object...today I made a small box for one of the pieces...it is jig-saw like and suddenly there is a literal connection, unintentional but nevertheless there...I doubt that it fits in but I will give it a few days to see if something changes...what I do like is the intimation of trace embedded in the process of making...of construction...sp

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  1. i have struggled with these trace fragments, those strong black lines, today i saw a jeweler using similar lines for adornment...but these seem different, not playful, but imposing, stronger than some other images, but strong isn't harsh. i've been struggling to write this-not sure i'm there yet.