Thursday, August 11, 2011

Artist in residence...Cannon Hill College

For the past week I have had a short residency with Cannon Hill Anglican College here in has given me the opportunity to introduce secondary students to both dry point and mono-print techniques...the response from the students during my stay has been very positive...with great support from the perceptive and enthusiastic art teachers...the most rewarding experience has been observing the students willingness to experiment with materials and surfaces...all very brave (if only more experienced print makers would embrace the same wild uncertainty) I have been making a series of book assemblage pieces for a small installation piece at Port Jackson Press in Melbourne later in the month...more books from the library of phenomenology...sp 


  1. There is something wonderful in the "beginning" of something! Loved the piece above!

  2. I'm inspired and ready to take a leap of faith.... Oh to be young and fearless..