Friday, August 5, 2011

Mid-night binding...

At mid-night I started to cut and prepare 36 sections of blank butchers paper for binding into a book ... one of several books that will be used in connection with 'the trace project' mid-night the sound of a wax thread and needle pushing through folded paper sections is like hearing a dog howling at the always feels like its just the moon and the dog...nothing else exists...some book makers may question the value in spending the time on making a book with such 'poor' evoke a certain sensibility at times the practical or the rational need to be is a poor paper but for that reason i like it even has a familiarity...a memory.. at eye level to a child a slab of butchers paper on a shop counter can be a monument...uncoloured concrete silence...its layers continuous and a book...sp

(1) completed book


  1. you've captured the silence (even meditation) of a binder facing his/her work. the stack, bound, looks to be fat and full of potential.

  2. Your images and go well with your words. Nice explanation...