Sunday, September 4, 2011

'fatal shore'...

Tentative beginnings...a time of searching for a new question for my research paper and therefore the premise of discovering new connections within the studio...the alternate version of the collage/assemblage book series that is at Port Jackson Press is something of a starting point...the notion of a trace being re-presented as the absent/presence continues to underpin what I am wanting to make...but rather than the ephemeral dialogues that notions of trace offer I am wanting to find a connection with a sense of cultural identity...a concept that for myself as an Australian has remained abstract and at best ordinary and cliched... this has been something of an under-tow for all that I have made in the last 10years...a constant reflection upon the individuals experience as part of a community/nation and the deeper sense of what it is to be an be human...culture as something that is capable of illuminating the individuals experience of both self and community has always left me with a sense of detachment...something that I have avoided making specific reference to in what I I am beginning to think it's about time I made an attempt to reflect upon this absent/presence more sift through the constant accumulation of contradictions that this nation continues to assemble...sp



  1. I think this will be an interesting concept. And maybe difficult, too.

  2. undertows eventually catch one, and pull one into the sea. be prepared!