Saturday, September 3, 2011

transparent envelopes revisited

Not as much studio time as I would have liked in the past 10days...something of a revisiting of a collage series I commenced perhaps 2 years ago...a combination of hand made cheese cloth envelopes, etching, collage and bees wax...they may be something...if nothing else they seem to form an interesting transparent catalogue of cut-outs...I have recovered from my nostalgic return plane flight from Melbourne, the French twist and the teenage angst it revived in memories of being 'dropped' by my first high school girl friend for a trainee an odd coincidence I got into the lift at university yesterday and two female students were having a conversation about how one of them had just learnt a new way of tying up her hair in a bun...I couldn't resist in asking if they had heard of the French twist...unfortunately the elevator journey ended before I had a chance to explain why I had asked them such an odd question...I just hope one of them knew what I was referring to otherwise they may never want to get into a lift with me again...sp 

1 comment:

  1. glen-catching up but loved the french twist anecdote. but more, love the idea *cheesecloth envelopes*