Thursday, January 31, 2013

altered mementos continued...

...despite a conscious effort to abandon the use of ephemera materials, my grandmother's collection of postcards has remained a haunting presence within the studio and this series of hand stitched montage pieces are perhaps a form of extinguishing the last of such collections...the starting point was the availability of both text and image...its double sided recto, verso dialogue often between the hand-written and the photograph like a three way conversation....a repeated flicking from one to the other before arriving at a point of possible  familiarity...but one that is never completely decipherable...postcards are potent cultural vessels...the hand written message providing such an immediate temporal resonance...and their encyclopedic nature like a self contained historical document...they remain such humble yet poignant remnants of a dominant white European culture.   


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  1. I think that it tells much more of its postcard-ness with both sides together, as well as showing the hand of the original writer. These are beautiful and evocative.