Friday, February 1, 2013

'vanishing senses'

It seems to be a natural unfolding of the sense of connection to materials for anyone working with the found or the handcrafted object that often they have little choice in the manner that things appear...the choice that materials make...standing, staring directly and pointing a finger saying' I choose you'...for several years now the envelope has been doing just that...not the letter...but that presence of absence evident in its paper coffer...we have all but ceased the once reciprocating obligation of dispatching hand written letters to family, friends, lovers...the envelope and its contents relinquished to some inescapable nostalgic longing...a similar fate to that of the postcard...both singularly and collectively silent metaphors for the changing and vanishing modes of our sense perceptions...sp.      


  1. It's wonderful when we realize, something is slippng away. Usually it just seems that person, that thing just isn't there anymore...