Sunday, May 5, 2013

'Archive of the Unfamiliar' from 'MYTHO-POETIC'...print and assemblage works by glen skien

 'Constellations 1'...from 'Archive of the unfamiliar...etching/collage

 'Letters from Country 1'...iron/paper/ink/bees wax + Atlas 1-V1

 I continue to play with the residues of previous work...there are certain objects and images whose purpose/meaning take longer to find their place within the continuum of making and reflecting...perhaps some are never meant to 'fit in' simply content to remain in the margins.

 The opening at the Gympie Regional Gallery went well...a small but appreciative audience. As any artist who has had the experience of working with the Gympie regional gallery is aware there is a warmth and depth of appreciation that filters down from their tireless gallery director, the staff and the galleries priceless volunteers. The exhibition runs until the 15th.of June.  



  1. As my friend, Charles Grund so beautifully said in reference to this: "So much work thrives, unnoticed by most, like unseen flowers in the deepest, dark forest."

    Glad your opening went well, I'm sure the lives of those present were enriched. Wish I could have been there. Like the images you posted.

  2. under the weather here, but wanted to check in an say congratulations. the show looks to be rich, indeed.

  3. Hi Glen, catching up here and enjoying it thoroughly! Jo