Friday, February 27, 2015

50 Ways...M A R G I N A L I A

This piece is one of the early works that will feature in the show that's opening next week in Brisbane, Marginalia. The title of the work is  Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover and its defined as an artists' book. It consists of 50 parcel-bound etchings of variations of a heart motif placed within a slim depth box. Somewhat kitsch. On the back of each bound etching is a hand written synonym for the word 'leaving'. Unavoidably its something of a tragic romantic piece with many of its synonyms more brutal than others. In Paul Simon's original song of the same title he only provides a handful of 'ways to leave your lover' from the very beginning I was always curious as to what would make up the complete 50 ways. I've only ever made two. One is in the artists' book collection in Artspace Mackay and this edition will form part of the works in 'Marginalia'.