Saturday, February 21, 2015


M A R G I N A L I A  is the title of an exhibition of  recent and past works that will open in Brisbane in a couple of weeks at Bosz Gallery. Marginalia relates to  the hand written notations, descriptions and illuminations found within the pages of books. I'm not certain there are too many 'illuminations' in the show but the word itself seem to fit with the thought that many of the earlier works were informed by text in the shape of plays, poems and songs.So in a way the prints and collages form the marginalia of these various texts. More specifically the exhibition includes etching series inspired by Ray Lawler's "Summer of the Seventeenth Doll", Dylan's thirteen verse Surrealist dream-scape "Desolation Row" and a collection of miniature etchings of transitional objects with wings attached that relate to Erica Jong's 1973 autobiographical/feminist novel "Fear of Flying".
The most recent work completed in 2015 is based on fragments of photographs embedded into postcard size box frames. The discarded black and white photographs that I've been collecting since my time in Brisbane seem to evoke associations of loss, memory and transition more affectingly as montage fragments then they do in their complete photographic form. There is something within the photographic fragment, in its surface and depth of field of tone even as a portion belonging to a more complete narrative, that has the capacity to suggest and imply correlations beyond its simplicity. More updates as the opening draws closer.


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