Saturday, April 30, 2016

Phenomenology of in progress

Etching, bees wax and photo-transfer image.

After two weeks of visiting the natural history museum here in Brisbane to study various species from the ontological collection tenuous threads of association are beginning to surface,,.seemingly impossible to keep the bird and the human form separate...references to the map weaving its way into the surface of things...'birds as maps'... at times all one needs is a title...almost impossible to see but the surface of these bees-wax embedded images have incisions of marks that relate to the notation of maps...coastal and interior spaces...everything is a map.     

Etching and bees wax (detail)
Etching and bees wax...(detail)


  1. There is so much power in this simplicity and in these misterious layers. Thank you so much for sharing. I always enjoy seeing your new blog posts :)

    1. Hi Kasia...thank you for the comment and also your face book message asking about my absence. Simply working towards new works but very little substance to anything...these new transparencies may be 'something'??

  2. i like the transparencies here, playing with seen and hidden and mapping it, it mapping you, interplay and voice entice...