Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Create and Donate: Raising funds for Artists with disabilities.

On the weekend of  July30th.-31st. of 2016 the printmaking students at the Queensland Collage of Art in Brisbane will host a 50 hour print project to celebrate the Year of the Print. The Print Club at QCA have decided to celebrate by making prints continuously for 50 hours. All prints created over the 50 hour period will be displayed in a closing exhibition with the proceeds of  sale of works being donated to the Artel artist with disabilities group based in Redcliffe, a seaside suburb of the city of Brisbane, Queensland Australia.
I was wanting to connect with printmakers out there beyond the QCA print community who would like to run a similar event with the intention of raising funds for the Artel artist group. The format is very simple. Each participant donates a gold coin to be a part of the event and any proceeds from the sale of works are also to be donated to the Artel group. No commissions...no percentages...this event asks you to engage in your altruistic nature and simply... create and donate. If you or your print group is interested in being part of this event please contact me at: silentparrot1@bigpond.com       

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