Wednesday, August 24, 2016

fable conversations...

Just a note to thank those who attended the fable in brief artist talk today...i prepare quite poorly for such occasions and always feel that a more structured delivery is perhaps more informative... but as I suggested today I am still becoming familiar with these works myself so in some respects they remain too close for me to articulate more poignant associations...I often think of Walter Benjamin's comment..."I have nothing to say only something to show you"... the most rewarding comment was from a student who had difficulty articulating why she was using certain images in her work and found that the exhibition gave her permission to keep using thank you again. The show ends on Saturday 3rd. Sept...further conversations about the works will be held on the remaining Saturday mornings from 10.30 am.

(photographs by: Jonathan Tse)


  1. wonderful words of exploration

  2. i like that you sparked something for a student...sometimes all it takes is permission...and maybe no preparation is being present, which you seemed to have been for that to have happened.

  3. Thank you for continuing to draw and provide inspiration Glen. I am an aspiring film maker who would like to harness the power of fable to bring stories to life. To be specific, I aim to promote local businesses on social media. What elements, in this context, require particular attention and focus?