Tuesday, August 23, 2016

fable floor details...

The works from 'fable in brief' are somewhat difficult to document but essentially the exhibition is composed of a collection of disparate responses fragmented into postcard size pieces that often have a central image with a number of smaller satellite works surrounding it...the entire show created around the single notion of montage collision...the bringing together of unalike and  solitary images that through their juxtaposition have the capacity to evoke unexpected meanings.....there is also elements of text that often suggest or imply poetic connections to images placed on the floor...all of the works have been immersed in bees wax...a subtle material that evokes a number of layered responses...I think what I like most is the restrained transparent distance it provides from the original surface...still accessible but not quite...with each new visit to the gallery I am beginning to understand these responses a little more.