Friday, September 2, 2016

Closing fables...

'fable in brief'..heart:graphite on tracing paper

'fable in brief'' has its final day tomorrow Saturday September 3rd.... an artist talk at 10.30 am...the aboutness of the work has been revealed through the collective conversations with visitors who were generous enough to spend time exploring the various ways of deciphering possible narratives...perceptive comments from several visitors allowing me to see unrealised associations...I was a little taken back with the comment of one 'academic' voice who described the work as 'safe'...perhaps in certain regards its a justified remark...feeling safe in what one creates and making 'safe' work are two quite  separate realms of experience...that sense of following a secure intuitive voice embraces equally the safe and the uncertain...perhaps for individual artists it is something that exists perpetually within a state of flux...I think if any creative response is devoid of degrees of apprehension there is a strong chance that what it evokes will be fleeting....and once one loses that uncertainty then it may be time to find another game...'fable in brief' has been one of the most uncertain collection of works I've ever the 'academic' response of creating safe work without having taken the time to tease out what is often hidden beneath the seduction of surface...of veiled wax paper images or the transparent familiarity of graphite on tracing paper may simply be regarded as a safe comment.

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