Monday, September 5, 2016

'concealed fables'...

Thank you to all who visited 'fable in brief' over the past two weeks. The exhibition was initially  realized as part of the 50th. anniversary celebrations of the Australia Print Council. It was nice to be part of the continuing celebrations that highlight the diverse methods of contemporary printmaking practise in Australia. I'm not certain that art institutions need to establish a facade of notions of a 'print culture' to ensure that printmaking practises remain relevant in contemporary times. Often for those who make prints the attraction is the nature of printmaking's covert and marginal existence. In this age of digital re-production that manipulates a desire for everything to gain acceptance within the 'mainstream' and a general public still somewhat perplexed by what defines an 'original print' I feel the mystery of making prints is rendered even more enigmatic.


  1. well said, we live in interesting times...

  2. agree with mo. i like the notion of printmaking being very artistic and very covert, even political in a sense.