Thursday, September 15, 2016

'unpacking mytho-poetics'...

Object poem 1: Living in your very last house:2014

Mytho-Poetic:Print and Assemblage works of Glen Skien.... has now completed its tour of regional galleries throughout Australia. Through the support of both the Gympie Regional Gallery and Museums and Galleries Queensland the experience has afforded me the opportunity to travel to places within regional Australia that would have simply remained  topographical notations. Such experiences have helped to reaffirm my personal conviction that the nature of art within all its layers of expectation and experience in its most fundamental and immediate state provides what the German language describes as 'Denkraum'.....'thought-space'. The philosophy of  touring works to regional districts is underpinned by the simple concept of exposing contemporary arts practices to communities who are never ignorant of its ideologies but simply starved of experience, exposure and conversation of it all. 
The premise of 'mytho-poetic' as a disparate collection of books, prints and assemblages relating to personal stories was based on the notion that our individual narratives have the capacity to infiltrate the big-picture sense of historical narrative that prevails and in doing so are capable of  providing meaningful and memorable visual articulations. Such narratives may remain within the margins but their significance and meaning need to be acknowledged and articulated. Within the realms of the poetic such articulations are never meant to provide a fixed body of knowledge...instead they embrace a more fluid and transient existence where meaning is ever only grasped and lost within the residue of the reflective moment. These ramblings are dedicated to the wonderful team at Museums and Galleries Queensland and the Gympie Regional Gallery.   

All of the things I could have told you about birds,,,miscellaneous books and postcards....


  1. i applaud having this work in places that just don't get the experience often. i live in a very rural spot, and it's imperative to see art of all sorts, and particularly so for kids and young people. it's great to see the boxes, all that work beautifully packaged. i do wish i had seen it installed.