Friday, May 26, 2017

Atlas: Death of a Salesman. mono-type and reverse text:35 handmade notebooks 2017

     URBAN-POETIC:the waste books
'the less we know the more we name' Gaston Bachelard

1.atlas:death of a salesman

poetic utterances of the urban space
resist the notion that
something must first exist within a certain order
before that something can be identified
the poetic image maintains
a distance
between order and the need to name things
finding within the marginal 
realms of disorder
things half thought
things half seen
but always fully felt
the grafting details of palimpsest traces
within the inner urban space
Brunswick Street
The Valley
its material thinking
embracing elements of each myopic moment
the passage of intuitions 
that hold sway over image and sense
recognising the moments we gather
silent things within us
inscriptions and surface drawings
ground in liquid bitumen
reconciling with its source
a mirror play between sense and vision
the model of the poetic response
as Valery observed 
in the dance that goes nowhere.

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  1. these well wrought words combined with the electric redness of the empty suit jacket stopped me in my tracks to pause and wonder