Thursday, June 1, 2017

the waste books...

Album page:12-13: found photographs and collage 2017

URBAN-POETIC:  the waste books...
This new series of works continues my engagement with printmaking, collage, text and drawing. Essentially the exhibition can be viewed as a collection of responses that relate to living at the fringe of Brisbane’s inner-city urban environment of Fortitude Valley.
Since my arrival in Brisbane from the semi-rural environment space of my childhood town of Mackay in North Queensland I have been constantly aware of the urban environment’s capacity to alter one’s familiar sense of direction and space.The series titled Album Pages 1-16 silently continues my use of marginal forms through found photographs that have been dissected and pieced back together to form a collage of photographic fragments whose original memories and meanings have been dissolved. Unlike the usual formal placement of the photograph within the pages of an album these fragmented forms are placed within the peripheral edges of the pages as if providing a surface reconstruction of the past but one that is essentially no longer familiar or recognisable. The past and its transitional sway within the present continues to be a reoccurring theme within these works.

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