Friday, June 23, 2017

Urban Poetic:The waste books: last days

'Urban Poetic: the waste books' currently showing at the Wooloongabba Art Gallery will close tomorrow Saturday 24 June.  Thank you to all who have visited and to the many conversations shared over the course of the exhibition dates. I'm not certain if visitors realise how invaluable your support is for any exhibiting artist particularly within the current visual arts environment that reflects the constant fragmentation of skill based studio practice being set in place by art institutions Australia wide. So even the most seemingly humble of questions regarding the way something was created opens up conversations that allows the artist to translate the significant of certain material elements or the tactile act of making and how it inevitably informs the  meaning of the work. I'm convinced that the image, the meaningfully intended image, is embedded with a self-contained capacity to translate a form of knowledge that is at its most potent when it leaves the viewer feeling as opposed to thinking. sp       

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  1. you forge words as beautifully as your art, thanks for all you share