Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Narratives of Debris...

In searching for descriptions of a philosophy of making in regards to the objects and jewellery pieces that wild + parrot is assembling it seems that the residues of source materials provides an appropriate starting point. Our workshop space is gradually gathering an archive of materials and books that comprise a range of topics including astrology, bird and marine life, stamps, found photographs, post cards, cartography and natural history.
Our process is essentially one of gleaning materials that have often been discarded and through a combination of fundamental jewellery methods, collage and  assemblage we hope to create the sense of a self-contained narrative made available through a mix of materials, images and the use of text. Perhaps the story is something closer to a gesture yet we are both aware of the subtle and nuanced capacity for a binding of thread, a wax layer, a rivet or open hole punch in providing a window that allows the viewer/beholder to deciphered the narrative associations made available in each piece.  Still a lot of making/story telling to be done.

cut-out bird wings for brooches....

cut-out bird wings drying

from the archive of stamps


  1. love how your well wrought words combined with images form an intriguing window into your collaborative process

  2. yes, mo is right about that. i wonder where it will all end up? or perhaps i should say HOW?

  3. Thank you both...my loyal two commentators....and yes Velma 'where' it ends up is less daunting than 'HOW'...all will be revealed in July.

  4. Ha! July...anticipation to see the where and how. life, really.

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