Sunday, May 29, 2011

'trace' notations

Today I commenced applying the same numeric notations to certain shapes and figures that I used in 'Trace' Vol.i...I don't really have a convincing explanation for this surface numbering although I do know it has some connection to my time spent as a surveyors chain man in my youth... the first job I had after leaving school...which was really just one of those jobs one does while deciding what one really wants to be in life...but something has always stayed with me from that experience in how I view the landscape and the translation of surface and distance into numbered codes...translation or interpretation...I'm not sure...that sense of the mapping/tracing of everyday experiences and the small journeys we encounter is of constant consideration...the St. Johns Wood I have in mind is not the Abbey Road or Lords Cricket Ground district...but the St. Johns Wood of Brisbane suburbia...I have never been there but I have always liked the sound of its one center page I have written each of the names of the Brisbane some way these names are mythological.. I heard them from my older siblings when they returned home on holidays from university...or they were written on the letters my mother sent..Red Hill, St. Lucia, Fortitude Valley...I'm not certain how all of this fits together and perhaps it doesn't...perhaps it's a further notion of trace... sp 


  1. Your top photo makes me wonder, the bottom entices me back into the studio.