Monday, May 30, 2011


I continue to struggle with these pages and I think it is because I have arrived at a point where both the intuitive and the rational begin to share a common ground...I continue to react to either the text or silhouetted figure in a spontaneous manner, allowing them to suggest where certain marks or notations are placed...I like the fact that often the figures or part of the text suggest a certain formal or austere presence and yet I feel that they are as intuitively formed as any more overt gestural mark...I don't know if that really explains how I feel about always it is something that I sense that is  happening and unfolding on each page...they seem to hold a contradictory element...some stronger than others...apart from the high school students at my workshop last week I have really only shown these pages in the flesh to a couple of people...I am always reluctant to reveal too much and only to certain people...which of course is odd seeing that I am so openly presenting things on this site to total strangers...but what I was thinking of was how other artists will often automatically compare the work to some other artists style of work...I don't know why but this annoys me...of course we are always stepping on someones bones and that may alter between conscious and subconscious traces...I just wish they could think of a more authentic response...of course i am beginning to grow impatient with the thought of wanting to bind the pages...binding each separate trace...sp

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  1. your work is wonderful !! thank you for sharing also your thoughts :)