Wednesday, February 21, 2018

w i l d + p a r r o t: small handmade objects

A time away from descriptions and reflections made visible within these virtual pages, although I have not been completely idle. In quiet 'silent parrot' fashion I have joined creative forces with talented Brisbane based artist/printmaker/jeweller Shelly Wild and together we have created wild + parrot: small handmade objects. Essentially at this early stage our works could best be described as hybrid forms of jewellery that incorporate collage elements of printmaking, found photographs and text. Materials include metal, paper, bees wax and thread. Our handmade objects also include hand-held dioramas, artists' books and resin collage pieces. At present we remain in the throes of making with having recently been selected for the Flying Arts series of showcase exhibitions to be held at the Judith Wright Centre this year. I look forward to letting you know when the first exhibition of wild + parrot: small handmade objects takes place. sp